our mission

The Genbukan Daigo Dojo is dedicated to supporting the Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation, furthering the study of effective, real world self defense for yourself, your loved ones, & your country.

We offer a spirited, compassionate, inclusive, and safe environment in which to train.

Together we can all Grade Up In Life.

No previous skill is required to join. Students can begin at any time of the year. Manners, Honesty, and Compassion are most important.

We do not have customers. Students ask to join the Genbukan and must maintain their training commitment to continue.

We provide effective self defence techniques, fun and varied fitness regimens, group activities, and a chance to improve yourself in all aspects of your life.


"The true mission of a Ninja is to deliver light to a dark world. A true Ninja is usually just a citizen or farmer and when the important times come, the ninja comes to help society and work miracles." ~ Grandmaster Tsunehisa Tanemura


What more could you need in life than to understand this and live up to it?