8 x 1 hour Accelerate! Private Classes

8 x 1 hour Accelerate! Private Classes


8 x 1 hour private classes with assigned training partner or with the Head Instructor depending on availability of training partners.

This enhanced training program must be used within 3 months of purchase.

Available to currently enrolled students as enhanced training beyond regular group class instruction.

The school accepts cash, cheque, Visa, and Mastercard. Students are reminded to add GST to all payments.

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This package of Eight 2-hour class sessions are for students who wish to enhance their training through private instruction with the Head Instructor. A training partner is provided for you and the time is spent solely on your own specific training as opposed to group classes, as well as fitness, meditation, and kuden not normally taught in regular group classes. These sessions are intense and are for serious students only. Class times vary depending on your availability as well as the Head Instructor and Training Partner. This package must be used within four months of purchase.