Skill level

Students are not required to have any previous training. A general level of fitness is required to begin. Serious pre-exisiting injuries may limit your ability to train. You can discuss these things with the Head Instructor when you attend your Free Trial Class at the school. If you have previous training, we will work with you to enhance your understanding of martial arts and ensure you can grade up quickly within our curriculum. This school accepts new students from the age of 14 to 65 who are serious about learning real-world self defense and who show good manners.


Manners are most important. From your initial contact with the school, to your Free Trial Class, and continuing throughout your training - manners are expected at all times. Japanese etiquette is tricky to learn. However, with practice and proper teaching you will do well. One can be both well mannered and intensely spirited. A student can be removed at any time from the program if the head instructor decides to do so. Harmony within the school and following Genbukan rules are very important.

first steps

If you are interested in the school:

  • Contact the school using our Contact Form. If you do not hear from us within one week, please contact us directly by phone. We contact everyone who sends us the contact form so if you havent heard from us, something must have happened on the website so please try again
  • Spend some time on the website so that you are familiar with what the Genbukan is
  • Know why you want to learn martial arts and express this clearly to the Head Instructor during your Free Trial Class
  • Have a firm starting date in mind
  • Arrive on time to your scheduled Free Trial Class
  • Bring sweats, a tshirt, and socks as well as water and a towel if you wish
  • Be polite and honest with the students and Head Instructor. Be yourself, ask questions that are important to you, and answer directly/honestly any questions that the Head Instructor may ask
  • This is not a "try - out". Just be yourself and have fun participating in class
  • If you are interested in joining, express that clearly to the Head Instructor at the end of your Free Trial Class
  • Make sure you review the Price List so you know what type of training package you would want. The typical student will commit to 6 months of training as this commitment is both to the school and to yourself. It is also the best value for your training. If you are serious about learning martial arts, then be serious about your commitment
  • Get ready for a great experience that will challenge you in every way to grow and become the very best person you can be